[Ildong Foodis] IMeal-Jjajang/Curry/Beef Sauce For Our Children160g (80gx2 bags)x 4Box

[Ildong Foodis]
IMeal Sauce for our children, 160g (80gx2 bags)

Child-only sauce that is eaten directly
without heating based on carefully selected ingredients and nutritional design tailored to the child.

It is 100% sterilized and produced by the retort method,
so you can just pour it over warm rice without heating it in a microwave or boiling water.
-Korean beef and vegetables
-Lentils that are good for the body
-Safe Chunjang made from Korean wheat
-Made in a size that is not salty and easy to eat.
-No additives: fragrance, sodium L-glutamate
-It is healthier with 0g of trans fat.

IMeal-Jjajang Sauce160g (80gx2 bags)

IMeal-Curry Sauce 160g (80gx2 bags)

IMeal-Beef Sauce160g (80gx2 bags)