Hyegang Security SRB100 Digital Number Key/Entrance Door Lock /Electronic Key Self Replacement


Hyegang Security SRB100 

Digital Number Key
Entrance Door Lock /Electronic Key / Electronic Door Lock / Self Replacement

* Luxurious silver color with triple coating, UV coating prevents fading
* Familiar and easy to use
The button-type input method and quick-reacting number keys are perfect for families with the elderly and children.

* Password imaginary function:

You can open the door by pressing any number before or after the password and entering the password.
Comfortable to use when someone is watching or in doubt.

*Residual fingerprint prevention:

The door lock button is made of special acrylic so that no fingerprints remain,
so other people can't check the password, so you can use it with confidence.
*Volume control function:
Volume can be adjusted from silent to 7 levels.
* Internal double lock function:
When the door is locked, press the open/close button for 3 seconds to complete the setting with a confirmation sound.
You will not be able to open the door with a password or fingerprint outside the door.
The release method is released by pressing the open/close button once inside the room.
*1-minute lock function:
If an unregistered password or fingerprint is repeatedly entered 5 times in a row,
a warning sound is generated and the operation is not performed for 1 minute.

*Fire alarm and intrusion alarm system:
If the door is abnormally opened when the door is locked, a warning sound of 80 decibels or more is generated.
When a high temperature that is suspected of a fire is detected, the lock is released with a strong warning sound for safety. door
* Prepare in advance before the battery runs out. Battery replacement reminder
If you missed the time to replace the battery, emergency power supply function:
Purchase a commercially available 9V battery and open the door by entering a password or fingerprint while touching the supply power supply terminal.