Hwamisa Organic Flower Fermented Rose Petal Mist 100ml Prevent Spots And Blemishes Moisturizing


Organic Flower Fermented Petal Mist

Hwamisa's unique ingredients made from three main ingredients,
flowers, fruits, seeds and roots, help to improve the skin's purity and beauty.

Rose petals and rose water revitalize, revitalize, and revitalize healthy skin.

Organic Ingredients 95.42%

Organic ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and deliver high nutrients.

Moisturizes every time you dry
Forms a moisture-protective film to grab the tension and soothe irritated skin from the outside environment.

Three special ingredients of rose petal mist

Delivers rich vitamin nutrients-Sea grape extract: Creates a smooth skin texture and
helps to create clear and clean skin with rich minerals, vitamins, proteins and dietary fiber.

Damask rose extract, excellent for the convergence of skin's true moisture-Damask Rose is rich in vitamin C, estrogen and vitamin A.

Hibiscus extract that wakes up tired skin --- Rich in vitamin C, which is good for skin,
helps to prevent melanin pigmentation and helps prevent spots and blemishes.

How to use

Use whenever you feel dry.
Spray mist 20 to 30 cm away from skin.
Tip: Moisturize your face with puffs and moisturize your honey puffs.
Sprinkle on every skincare step to increase the effectiveness of skincare.
Use for enhancing skin animation in the office.