Huall Bellflower good for throat 10g x 30 packets 40 brix Bellflower tea

Huall throat & Bellflower
10g x 30 packets

Balloon flower good for throat
It is a high concentration of black bellflower that has been steamed several times,
dried and aged repeatedly to increase the active ingredients of bellflower, and mildly improves the taste of bellflower.
It is unique because the bitterness of bellflower is added to the end of the sweet taste by adding maekmundong,
upper leaves, perilla, soybean paste, and sajocheong.
-Highly concentrated product over 40 brix

[It is highly recommended to these people.]
-Office workers working in dry indoors during the seasons and winter seasons
-Those who are exposed to fine dust and yellow dust
-Those who are accustomed to soda or coffee

[How to take]
Take 1 packet (10g) twice a day and once.