[Homelec] Wireless cervical massage pillow HMP-400 Memory foam Sleep science

Cervical Massage for a Comfortable Sleep
Home electric wireless massage pillow (HMP-400)

Massage function memory foam pillow for a good night's sleep
*Sleep Neck Massage / *High density memory foam /* Wireless use
* C-shaped cervical spine/* Waterproof inner shell lyocell outer cover

Low Noise Real Sleep Cervical Massage
Sleep induction low noise (22.7db) neck massage function to induce the massage
lichen protrusion into the aortic (cervical spine) soft hand massage method to slowly fall into sleep.

1. Comfortable 3D solid design pillow with neck and cervical
Ergonomic 3D stereoscopic design maintains a normal C-shaped cervical spine
2. Low noise (22.7db) Sleep-induced throat
CTS massage function (Craniosacral Therapy)
An automatically rising massage bump stimulates aortic rubella in the back of the neck,
refreshing and relaxing the brain to help relieve insomnia and stress.
3. One-touch operation (10 minutes / 20 minutes, strong / weak mode);
Automatic OFF after massage
As soon as you press the power button and lie down, two massage rods will rise to gently massage the cervical spine!
When the massage is over, the projection automatically descends for a pleasant and relaxing sleep!
4.Low-elastic high-density memory foam to comfort your tired neck and shoulders all day long
High Density 97kg / m³
Use of MCNS (SKC) raw material superior to other memory foam (20-40kg) pillow
Eco-friendly material from nature-Use of lyocell fabric, excllent hygroscopicity, breathability, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

How to use

Power ON / OFF
1.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds (starts in 10 minute mode)
2. Press the power button again to change to 20 minutes mode.
3. When the massage is finished, the massage device goes down automatically.
** If you want to stop using it, press the power button again. **

* Strong Massage (Strong Mode)
If you press the button for 2 seconds while in the 10/20 minute mode, the mode will switch to Strong mode.

* Charging time / Caution for charging
90 min charge-> 10 min mode can be used more than 20 times /20 min mode can be used more than 10 times
** Can be used for more than 10 days when using the 20-minute mode
(* Charging time and usage time may vary depending on the state of charge and usage environment of the battery.)

* Please be sure to use the included adapter.
* This product does not work when the charging jack is connected to the product for safety.
Therefore, be sure to separate the adapter's charging jack from the product before use.
* Charging is not possible while the power is on.
Precautions when using memory foam
* When first opened, the memory foam may have a peculiar smell,
but it is harmless to the human body and disappears when ventilated in the shade for 1 ~ 2 days.
* Memory foam pillows may cause irregular bubbles and small holes in the manufacturing process, and may change color due to temperature, sunlight, etc.,but there is no change in product function or physical properties.
* The body (memory foam) cannot wash it.
* Never wash the pillow memory foam body and waterproof lining, and recommend natural drying in the shade away from direct sunlight.