Histolab Azulene Complex Ampoule 80ml Oil and Moisture Balance Soothing


Histolab Azulene Complex Ampoule 80ml

Oil and moisture balance ampoule/sparkling skin soothing ampoule/trouble improvement
This is a skin soothing ampoule with 72% Azulene Complex.
The azulene complex obtained by refining chamomile is concentrated to give moisture effect,
and it contains plant extracts to rejuvenate tired skin and keep it fresh.

How to use
After trimming the toner, take an appropriate amount and apply it gently.

It is recommended for such people.
-When sensitive skin is needed
-When it is necessary to adjust the skin's oil and moisture balance
-When you feel the need to recover tired skin from the outside
-When skin is sensitive and nothing can be applied