[Hi Well] Premium Kids Lactobacillus +Vitamin D Zinc 2g x 30 Packs

Hi Well
Premium Kids Lactobacillus + Vitamin D Zinc

2g x 30 Packs

It contains 13 kinds of various probiotics such as patented lactobacillus and lactobacillus suitable for infants,
as well as vitamin D for bone health that tends to be insufficient due to indoor activities, zinc necessary for normal immune function,
and colostrum from New Zealand as an auxiliary ingredient.
It is a customized lactobacillus product that contains the nutrients necessary for the child.

*Injection of lactic acid bacteria from Rosell, Canada coated with a patented method
* Lactobacillus plantarum domestically patented lactic acid bacteria input
*Injection of lactobacillus derived from breast milk familiar to infants
*Injection of 7 kinds of mixed lactic acid bacteria found in breast milk and intestines
*Contains 5ug of vitamin D, which tends to be insufficient due to indoor activities
*Contains 3mg of zinc, which is necessary for normal immune function
*Contains lactic acid bacteria growth factor that feeds on lactic acid bacteria
*Contains colostrum powder from New Zealand (sub-material)

[How to take]
Take once a day, 1 packet at a time.