Hi-Saeng Fermented Brown Rice Enzyme 3.5g x 30EA/60EA/90EA Sugar-free fermentation

Hi-Saeng fermented brown rice enzyme
3.5g x 30/60/90EA

Enzyme content is high, sugar content is low, brown rice is easy to use with enzymes!
It improves dietary problems and nutritional imbalances of modern people such as health promotion,
physical fitness maintenance, constitution improvement, and nutrition supply.
* Digestion promotion / nutrient absorption / bowel activity
* 100% pesticide-free raw materials from Korea
Fermented by thoroughly inspecting 100% Korean brown rice, rice bran, and soybeans
*Complex fermentation with Hwangguk bacteria and lactic acid bacteria
*Sugar-free fermentation
*Hi-Saeng contains over 25000 units/g of carbohydrate degrading enzyme alpha amylase,
and over 350 units/g of protein degrading enzyme protease
* It is easy to consume as it is made of a'pill' that is easy to consume.

[How to take]
Take one packet 2-3 times a day with water before or after meals.
*Consume with plenty of water. Cold or lukewarm water
*Sprinkle high saeng over milk or yogurt and consume together.
*Intake by adding high saeng to various dressing sauces such as salad.
** Enzyme is weak to heat above 45 degrees. Use it for cool cooking!