Hi-Saeng Doctor Oats fiber 4g x 30 sachets

Hi Saeng Doctor Oats
4g x 30 sachets

2in1 suppression of postprandial blood sugar rise and improvement of blood cholesterol
1 pack a day, double care with oat fiber
- Contains 3g of oat fiber, 100% of the recommended daily intake
- Contains 7 kinds of Korean auxiliary ingredients
Artemisia leaf, mulberry leaf powder, barley powder, rice bran powder, pork potato powder, soybean powder, bitter gourd powder
- Mini size for easy swallowing, individually packaged for easy carrying

[Recommended for these people.]

- Those who want to improve blood sugar health and blood cholesterol at the same time
- Those who need to suppress postprandial blood sugar rise
- Those who need help in improving cholesterol
- Those who are concerned about their health due to frequent drinking and eating out
- Those who frequently consume fast food or oily food

[How to take]
Take 1 sachet once a day, with plenty of water before or after meals.