hersteller Wonder Veggie Mellow Cleansing Balm 75ml Non-irritating

Wonder Veggie Mellow Cleansing Balm 75ml

* Moisture-elastic cleansing balm containing 30% of high-purity olive oil,
leaving moist moisture even after cleansing
*Superfood kale and fresh green vital complex purify the skin healthy and clean
* Oil balm texture that compresses the nutrients of oil as it is,
melts softly and quickly to cleanse without irritation.
* A clean finish with no residue due to the amazing wash-off effect
*Good non-irritating vegan cleansing balm, safe cleansing without skin irritation
* Cleansing even heavy makeup without irritation.

[How to use]
Dispense an appropriate amount of cleansing balm with spatula
on dry hands and gently massage into the skin to melt the makeup.
Moisten with a little water and roll once more, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.