hersteller Wonder Veggie Juicy Treatment Essence 150ml

Wonder Veggie Juicy Treatment Essence 150ml

* Amazing antioxidant effect provided by 90% of superfood kale leaf extract
*72 hours Cold & Low Pressure, full of sincerity, the first step essence
*7 in1 essence that solves complex skin problems at once
(Antioxidation, skin texture improvement, transparency, moisture hydration, soothing, oil and moisture balance, skin vitality)
*Singreen complex smoothly cares for rough skin texture
The Singreen Complex, consisting of Shine Musket, Green Papaya, Green Apple,
and Green Plum, helps to improve skin texture by arranging horny dead skin cells that are prone to rough skin.
*Contains basil leaf water, adds vitality to tired skin and helps calm skin.
* Good vegan, weakly acidic formula that considers healthy skin balance

[How To Use]

-First step treatment
Immediately after cleansing, take an appropriate amount and let it absorb in the first step of skin care.
Putting it on a cotton pad and letting it absorb along the skin texture will help to tidy up the skin texture.
-Layering moisturizing UP
If you have unusually rough skin, try layering 3 times. The more it is applied,
the more moisturizing it accumulates, giving more moist and soft skin.
-Moisture soothing SOS pack
When you need skin soothing or deeper moisture supply,
moisten it with a cotton pad and put it on like a pack for 3 minutes.
-Moisture mist anywhere
If your skin is more sensitive due to the external environment, put it in a mist container.
Even small irritation that can be felt when applied by hand can be minimized.
Also, it is good to spray it even when you need corrective makeup.