herb shop palace Real Lemon Balm (water)(3g x 10EA) x 2Box

herb shop palace
Real Lemon Balm (water)

3g x 10EA

100% hot water extraction and vacuum concentration of the active ingredients of lemon balm
make it an attractive inner beauty product with a fresh and subtle scent.

[Recommended for such people.]
- Those who want a light body
- Those who want to start the morning lightly
- Those who enjoy meat-based meals
-People who do not have enough vegetables and fruits
- Those who want a healthy daily life with nutritional balance

[How to take]

- Put it in juice, yogurt, etc.
-Dissolve in warm or cold water and drink like tea
- Mix with milk and honey to make lemon balm latte
- Cooking with greasy food

Put 250ml of cold/hot water and 1 stick (5g) in a cup and shake well.

Put 1 stick (5g) in addition to 500ml of cold/hot water in the bottle and shake it well.