[HERA]Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync 2.0 Wrinkle improvement whitening moisture 150ml

HERA Cell Essence 150ml

Skin desertification prevention
Essence for moisture and clarity
Cell-biofluid sink 2.0

1. Eight active activators of Cell-Bio Fluid Sink,
a biological water simulating ingredient that contains skin active energy, nourishes skin condition care and healthy skin.
2. Quick absorption and efficacy Milky essence,
milky color water-type essence containing nutrients needed for skin,
absorbs quickly and comfortably, without stickiness.
It is used for the first step of skin care after cleansing and doubles the absorption
and effectiveness of the product used in the next step.

How to use

After face wash in the morning and evening,take 2.5ml (1 firm dose) of Cell Essence on your hand or cotton pad.
When using your hand, spread it over your entire face with the palm of your hand and use your fingertips to absorb it.
When using a cotton ball, make the lozenge into a lozenge and put it on the middle finger.
The amount of use: 2.5 ml (approximately 3/1 amount of the middle part of the cotton)

Application Method [Cell Pumping Care Beauty]

Morning care
Use the 'hand' to tap and wake up the skin rhythm.

Evening Care
Use Facial Care Cotton to deeply and deeply care for every corner of your skin.
-Make a cotton lozenge and put it in the middle of the middle part and moisten 2.5 ml (1 company capacity) of cell essence in the middle part.
-Tap and absorb as if you wipe away from the center of the face.
-Use the cotton side of your fingertips to take care of the curved areas such as eyes, sides, and mouth.