[HERA] Aquabolic Hydro-Pearl Serum Hydration Revitalizing Refreshment 40ml


Aquabolic Hydro-Pearl Serum Hydration Revitalizing Refreshment 40ml

Moisture Pearl Serum which concentrates

moisture fasting to keep skin rich in moisture


* Aurora Light Hydro-Pearl holds tight skin barrier

-Thoroughly cares the skin barrier and holds moisture firmly to

keep your skin moist and healthy all day long.

* Hydro Crystallization Technology: Patented technology to stabilize skin's essential lipid-like phase

with small three-dimensional molecules to draw transparent light of skin as well as hydration.

* Aqua-toning applied to quickly overcome moisture hunger

Its lotion extract and betaine ingredient deliver moisture to the skin and the highly concentrated

biomineral ingredient helps to maintain the skin's energetic strength

and cares to maintain rich moisture on the skin.

* A refreshing texture that gives off a cool hydration and a non-stick finish that provides

a refreshing feel even when using layering with other essences.


How to use

After using morning and evening emulsions, apply right amount onto face

and spread evenly from inside to outside.

Usage: 0.3 ml (1.2 cm diameter)