Henkel Home Keeper Drosophila Sprout Natural Alpha 290ml x 2EA

Henkel Home Keeper
Drosophila Sprout Natural Alpha 290ml 

- Safe with natural ingredients
-Simple spray method
- Refreshing herbal scent
Safe and convenient with natural pyrethrum extract (chrysanthemum) as the main ingredient!
Pyrethine, the main component of the pyrethrum extract, penetrates through the airways or skin of insects and paralyzes the nerves.
Pyrethin, which is said to be the safest among pest control substances, is decomposed within 24 hours in nature, so there is no residual toxicity unlike general insecticides.
Refresh your kitchen with natural herbal scent

[How to use]
Shake before use.
Spray from a distance of 30cm. Spray it mainly in sewers, drains,
waste bins where fruit flies breed, and food storage bins where fruit flies are expected to enter.
It is effective in preventing the invasion of pests in advance.