[Health One+Lotte] Fresh lactic acid bacteria yogurt flavor 2g x 30EA

Health One
Malangi Raw Lactobacillus Yogurt Flavor
2g x 30 Packs

Delicious live lactobacillus enjoyed by the whole family
* Guaranteed the number of live lactobacillus and guaranteed bacteria of 1 billion
*17 types of mixed lactic acid bacteria
Raw material from DuPont Danisco, a company specializing in lactobacillus
*New Biotics
Lactobacillus (probiotics) + lactobacillus feeding (prebiotics-auxiliary ingredient)
*Contains zinc and vitamin D
*4 No additives
No addition of magnesium stearate, HPMC, coloring agent, and silicon dioxide

[How to take]
Take one packet once a day, once a day.