Head Spa 7 No-Wash Dry Shampoo 100ml

Head Spa 7 No-Wash Dry Shampoo 100ml

Let's shampoo easily and easily without water!
It is a light cream type that turns into water when the cream comes in contact with the hair,
and when rubbed as if massaging the scalp and hair, it feels like a real shampoo.
It makes the hair soft without whitening and powder scattering.
-Easy cleaning without water
Cream-type no-wash shampoo - A light moisturizing cream with micellar structure and soapberry fruit ingredients,
so you can wash your hair without water.
A fresh finish is possible with the feeling of a real shampoo without cloudiness.
-Scalp heat down and cooling effect
A cream formulation filled with moisture containing trehalose, cypress water,
and white rice flower extract touches the scalp and turns into water to provide a cooling feeling.
- Fine powder creates volume
Fine powder particles adsorb the sebum of the scalp and form a natural volume by super-adhering between the hairs.
-Easy to carry and carry-on
-pH weakly acidic formula (adjust 4.5pH~6.5pH)

[How to use]

For short hair, apply it to the size of a coin, and for long hair,
apply it to the affected area and scalp, then apply it all over.