[Hddnlab]Skin Savior Youth Essence 30ml Radiant Revitalizing Barrier Care Dust Adsorption Prevention


Strengthens Skin Barrier Care Essence 30ml

Dust adsorption prevention / skin barrier
Hypoallergenic relief solution for sensitive skin
Soothes red skin and revitalizes with Urban Pollution Care!

Melt gently like water, soothing to your skin

Vivid Essence to calm sensitive skin
It soothes dry, reddened, sensitive skin quickly and
strengthens skin texture and skin barrier caused by external damage.

Oil drop formula
Violet transparent moisture oil is melted and melted softly
without clumping with oil by oil drop method, so it stays moist for a long time.

Skin Saver Ingredients-Pilatesera 
Skin moisturizing factor protein that firmly supports skin barriers Parallagreen and ceramide,
which strengthens the stratum corneum of the skin,
meets skin irritation and damage caused by stress and skin Take care of your skin with fresh and healthy skin.

How to use
After using toner, apply right amount onto face and let it absorb gently.