[Happy Call]Grilled Plate IH Grill Pan Meat Plate For Induction Pork Plate


Happy Call Grilled Plate /IH Grill Pan 
Meat Plate for Induction Pork Plate

Size: Width 39.8 x Height 28.6 x Height 4cm

When used with the IH cast iron body, grill, and electric range,
it generates current in the flooring material to increase thermal conductivity.
It can be used in general gas burners.
Diamond DNC 5-layer coating is resistant to scratches, abrasion and corrosion,
and has excellent thermal conductivity and excellent antibacterial properties.
Three-dimensional grill and internal inclination angle: Due to the internal inclination angle,
the oil from cooking can be easily drained and the three-dimensional grill is added to enhance the feel of the grill pan.
Anti-slip toothed floor