Happy Call Compact Grill Double Sided Pan Sandpink / Detachable Type

Happy Call
Compact Grill Double Sided Pan
Detachable Type

A compact double-sided fan that is completely detachable makes your wrist light and easy to clean!
Cook like an oven with a double-sided pan without odors and grease!
-The angle at which the double-sided fan is completely separated is 43.2 degrees,
making it easy to separate and assemble.
Easy to wash and dry.
- Happy Call's special silicone pressure packing
By applying Dow Corning's silicone technology, which has strong heat resistance,
the pressure inside the pan is strengthened for quick cooking,
and it helps to cook comfortably by minimizing odors and splashing of oil.
It prevents heat loss and maintains a certain pressure,
so you can feel the crispy outside and moist inside with only the moisture of the drink itself,
and you can enjoy various oven dishes.
-Fluoro resin coating without worrying about sticking
It is strong against scratches, abrasion and corrosion, so you can enjoy cooking comfortably without worrying about sticking.
-Easy to clean while cooking with a convenient oil pan
When the top pan is opened, it is a device that catches oil and moisture so that it does not fall to the bottom.
-Easy locking handle for convenient and perfect adhesion
The pressure inside the fan is strengthened by perfectly adhering the upper and lower fans.
-Compact weight to reduce the strain on the wrist
Size : 273 x 272 x H 48.5(mm)