[Happy Bath] Skin U Cream Body Lotion 400g Real Silk Moisturizing Keratin care

Happy Bath
Skin U Cream Body Lotion 400g

 [Real Silk Moisturizing ㅣ Keratin care ㅣ Skin care ingredient 22% ㅣ Scent body lotion]
Cold season, dry skin! What if you are worried about dead skin cells that have become white?

Skin U Cream Body Lotion
Contains niacinamide and adenosine
*Care soothing keratin
* 22% skin care ingredients
*72 hours of moisture retention
*Soft and soft container that can be used to the end without remaining amount
* A sweet scent that contains the delicate scent of autumn nasi with the rich scent of pears and the subtle freesia scent.
*Cream protective film that rises from the inside
*Butter formula nutrition

[Recommended for these people.]
-Customers who are worried about hard dead skin cells
-Customers lacking moisture due to dryness even after applying multiple times
-Customers looking for a body lotion with a subtle scent like perfume

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of this product and spread it evenly on the skin.