[Hanyul] Pink Plum Vinegar Resetting Essence 180ml pH4.5 Slightly Acidic

Pink Plum Vinegar Resetting Essence 180ml

The power of fermentation to digest skin troubles, found in seconds.
Gwangyang red plum 5-year natural fermentation candle
Immediately after cleansing, it normalizes the skin condition, restores a healthy pH balance, and helps absorption of the next step.
-Vinegar balance: slightly acidic pH 4.5
-Vinegar Purification: Cleansing the skin
-Super luster: improve gloss + texture

-Conspicuously different keratin improvement effect
-24 hours moisture retention
-Wrinkle improvement effect
-8 Free
(Animal raw materials, mineral oil, polyacrylamide, parabens, synthetic pigments, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine PEG surfactant free)
-Water essence formulation: A refreshing water essence formulation that spreads gently on the skin and does not stick.

[Recommended for these people.]

-People who have trouble with skin with disturbed pH
-People who are worried about exfoliating dead skin cells and rough skin
-People who have trouble with dry skin
-People who are troubled with full drying
-If you are looking for a product that is gentle on your skin
-People who want anti-aging care with a light formulation

[How to use]
After cleansing, in the first step of skin care,
take an appropriate amount onto your hands and gently apply and absorb according to the skin texture.