[Hanul Food] Sweet Potato Sticks For Childrens Snacks 20g x12/20/40Bags Breakfast Snack Diet


[Hanul Food]
sweet potato sticks for children's snacks, for babies

*100% honey sweet potato (Korea domestic)
* Double the sweetness and softness of the skin.
*Worry-free calories, sweet potatoes not only lower cholesterol levels,
they are rich in dietary fiber and do not have a high sugar index.
* No whitening phenomenon due to sterilization treatment manufacturing process.
*The shelf life is 6 months.

[How to enjoy more]
-Transfer to a bowl and microwave for 10 seconds!
-Sweet and savory sweet potato cheese balls when crushed with warm melted cheese and baked in a 160℃ oven for 5-10 minutes!
-Grasp the perforated line and tear it downward.