Hanmi Well Kicker Childrens Calcium Vitamin D Chewable (1500mg x 90 T) x 2EA

Hanmi Well Kicker
Children's Calcium & Vitamin D Chewable
1500mg x 90 Tablets

-Contains 5ug of vitamin D and 210mg of calcium
-A chewable type with cocoa flavor.
-Cocoa powder, xylitol, stevia treated with lake,
fruit mixture concentrate powder, vitamin C, vegetable mixture concentrate powder,
lactic acid bacteria mixture powder, amino acid mixture formulation, zinc oxide

[Please recommend it to a child like this.]
-Children with insufficient intake of calcium sources such as milk
-Children who have an eating habit that is biased toward processed foods
-Children who want to receive even nutrition
-Children with severe unbalanced diet
-Children who need supplementation of vitamins and minerals
-Children in need of physical health improvement

[How to take]
Take it by slowly chewing or dissolving it twice a day, 1 tablet at a time.