Hanmi Aloe Show King Good Bowel (800mg x 90T) x 2EA Dietary Fiber Bowel Nutrition

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Aloe Show King Good Bowel
800mg x 90 Tablets

Dietary Fiber Bowel Nutrition

-Contains 30mg of anhydrous baroline per daily intake
-Contains aloe vera extract powder
-3 tablets a day can help smooth bowel movements.
-No additives!
No excipients and additives added
-Scientific blending ratio
Aloe vera extract powder (main ingredient) + chicory dietary fiber (sub ingredient) +
corn starch (sub ingredient) + lactitol (sub ingredient) + seaweed powder (sub ingredient) + rice bran extract powder (sub ingredient)

[How to take]
Once a day, take 3 tablets at a time with enough water.