[HanChaeWon] Instead of rice, 95 kcal oat brown rice Konjac rice 110g x 6EA Multigrain rice sugar 0g

Han Chae Won
95 calories oat brown rice konjac rice instead of rice 110g

The low-calorie konjac multigrain rice, as well as the texture and taste, was not missed by keeping the taste of rice as usual.
Konjac rice, oats, and brown rice were added in a golden ratio.
Containing sweet potato beads, suppresses konjac scent and increases rice

[How to cook]
Open the pouch slightly and place it in a microwave oven.
40 seconds: lightly
60 seconds: moist
90 seconds: sticky
You can cook it to your liking and eat it.
*The black part of the sweet potato bead is a sweet potato fiber structure, so you can eat it with confidence.