Hanaro Cook Pan Plus Table Mini Electric Grill Double Sided Pan KBL-010 Burgundy

Hanaro Cook Pan Plus
Table Mini Electric Grill Double Sided Pan

No worry even if there is no gas!
Just plug it into an outlet and you can cook!
Product size: Outer side 300 x 130 x90 mm/Inside 220 x105x13 mm]
-With non-stick coating, there is less fear of food sticking and the floor is smooth, so it is convenient to wash after cooking.
-Double hole blocking wall prevents food residue from leaking out even if the pan is turned over.
Also, since it is a double-sided fan, there is little moisture loss.
-Food is cooked quickly and evenly due to the generation of three-dimensional (both sides) heat at the top and bottom.
-A small amount is cooked on the spot, perfect for mixed family, single or children's snacks.
-You can conveniently cook and enjoy pork belly, steak or tofu, grilled mushrooms, and grilled fish at home.

-Unplug before washing and store in a cool place to prevent heat from remaining.
-Check that the heat is cool and wash.
-After washing with a warm detergent and a sponge, wipe it off with a towel or dry it at room temperature.
-If burnt food remains on the cooked surface, apply a small amount of oil and wait for 10 minutes before wiping it off with a soft sponge.
-Wipe it with a damp cloth or a soft paper towel and leave it at room temperature.
Power consumption :800W
Rated voltage :220V/60Hz