[HAMSOA] Zinc-rich 1000mg x 120tablets For 30 Days ,Use of Premium Zinc Guconate for easy absorption

HAMSOA Zinc-rich 
1000mg x 120tablets

HAMSOA zinc-rich (zinc + vitamin C) necessary for normal immune function
-Use of premium zinc gluconate for easy absorption in the body
-Contains 5 types of extract powder of Hamsoa's exclusive plant mixture (pear, plum, reed, lotus, schisandra)
-With a fresh apple scent, children can consume zinc more deliciously without feeling rejected.
-Popo 2 tablets contain 5 mg of zinc and 20 mg of vitamin C.
-4 cute popo chewables

[I recommend it.]
-Children who need normal immune function
-Growing children and adolescents with increasing zinc needs
-Children who need even nutritional intake due to irregular eating habits
-Children who do not eat vegetables or fruits well
-Those who have insufficient intake of zinc-containing foods such as oysters and clams
-Children who want to eat zinc in a delicious and fun way

[How to take]
Chew and consume 2 tablets twice a day and once.
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.