Hamsoa Kids DHA Plus D DHA+EPA 700mg (1050mg x 80EA) +Beta Carotene

Kids DHA Plus D
1050mg x 80 Capsules

DHA+EPA 700mg 

Vitamin D + Beta Carotene + DHA Triple Functionality
It is a comprehensive health functional food for children that contains 560mg of DHA and 800IU of vitamin D.
It provides DHA necessary for growing children, protects the eye health of children exposed to books and smartphones,
and contains vitamin D for children with little outdoor activities.
*Contains premium DHA
Contains Norwegian DHA560mg + EPA 140mg = 700mg
*Hamsoah's 8 plant mixture extracts (sub-material)
(Hwanggi, Horse, Gugija, Baekchul, Omija, Seokchangpo, Baekbokryeong, Antler)
*It is a sweet and sour orange flavor that children love,
and it is a cute whale-shaped soft special capsule that can be consumed in various ways without water.

[Who would you like to eat?]
-Growing children who need DHA and EPA intake
-Children who usually hate fish or have insufficient consumption of seaweed
-Children having difficulty swallowing because the existing capsules are large
-Children exposed to books, TV, and smartphones
-Children who lack vitamin D synthesis due to few outdoor activities

[How to take]
Chew and consume 2 capsules twice a day, once a day.
-Chew enough soft capsules to eat.
-Pour the contents into a drink according to your age and preferences and eat with it.
-Cut off the tail and consume only the contents.