Hamsoa Hippo Vitamins Nutritious Kids (1000mg x 120T )Aged 24Month+ to 7years old/Strawberry Yogurt

Hippo Vitamins Nutritious Kids

1,000mg x 120T

Nutritional care for our children, containing up to 200% of 11 vitamins + minerals for children aged 24 to 7 years old.
* Contains up to 200% of 11 vitamins & minerals.
* 37 kinds of traditional ingredients unique to Ham Soah (auxiliary ingredients)
Dietary fiber 400mg, 29 kinds of fruit vegetables, 7 kinds of berries!
Dietary fiber (indigestible maltodextrin)
29 kinds of fruit vegetables (apple, banana, citrus, orange, pear, pineapple, tomato, corn, carrot, kiwi, pumpkin, rosehip, apricot, strawberry, grape, broccoli, guava, mango, melon, cherry, passion fruit, peach, Plum, Spinach, Peas, Cabbage, Mushroom, Red Beet, Lemon)
7 kinds of berries (blueberry, aronia, cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry)
* 4 cute popo chewables, sweet and sour strawberry flavor + refreshing yogurt flavor

[I recommend it.]
-Children who are prone to lack of vitamin intake
-Children exhausted from lack of physical strength
-Children who need energy and vitality
-Growing children who need even nutritional intake
-Children who are concerned about female-style imbalance due to irregular eating habits
-Children who enjoy fast food and instant food.

[How to take]

Chew and consume 2 tablets twice a day, once a day.
You can take them all at once or at different times.