Hamsoa Hippo Vitamins Nutritious Junior (1000mg x 120T )For Over 8 years old,blueberry yogurt flavor


Hippo Vitamins Nutritious Junior

1000mg x 120 tablets

It is a vitamin for juniors over 8 years old that meets the nutritional intake standards
for children over 8 in consideration of the life cycle of our child.

* Contains up to 200% of 11 vitamins & minerals for children over 8 years old
*Hamsoa's 11 auxiliary ingredients
Dietary fiber 500mg, 9 amino acids, isolated soy protein powder

Type 2 dietary fiber 500mg
(Chicory extract, indigestible maltodextrin)
5 amino acids 50mg
(L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-arginine, L-lysine hydrochloride, L-histatin, L-threonine, L-tryptophan)
Soy Protein Isolate 50mg

* 9 kinds of traditional ingredients unique to Ham Soah (auxiliary ingredients)
Pear, Lotus, Hwanggi, Plum, Schisandra chinensis, Adlay, Reed, Angelicae, Donggulle-Plant mixture extract.
* 4 cute popo chewables, sweet and sour blueberry and yogurt flavors

[I recommend it.]

-Children who are prone to lack of vitamin intake
-Children exhausted from lack of physical strength
-Children who need energy and vitality
-Growing children who need even nutritional intake
-Children who are concerned about female-style imbalance due to irregular eating habits
-Children who enjoy fast food and instant food.

[How to take]

Chew and consume 2 tablets twice a day, once a day.
You can take them all at once or at different times.