Hamsoa Full of Iron + Vitamin C Sticks 1.5g x 30EA Contains 7mg of iron and 50mg of vitamin C.

Hamsoa full of iron + vitamin C
1.5g x 30 packets

One packet a day contains 7mg of iron and 50mg of vitamin C.
*Multi-combo iron composition
Heme iron + ferrous fumarate
*13 carefully selected preservation ingredients
7 kinds of lactic acid bacteria, 3 kinds of vitamins (folic acid, vitamins B6, B12), 9 kinds of amino acids
*Contains 6 kinds of mixed plant extracts (preservation ingredients) of Hamso-A
(Sapju, dermis, pearchohyang, autograph, licorice, health)
* Iron that can be eaten deliciously with a sweet and sour grape flavor

[Iron preparation for such a child]

-My child lacking iron work
-Now when we strengthen iron in the baby food of our child starting baby food
-Children who need even nutritional intake due to irregular eating habits
-Iron supplementation for growing children when the need for pen powder increases
-Adolescents with rapid physical growth
-Children who want to consume iron in a delicious and fun way

[How to take]

Once a day, one bag at a time is melted and consumed as it is.