Hamsoa full of calcium Kids (2g x 60 packets) 120g

Hamsoa full of calcium
(2g x 60 packets) 120g

*Customized care for growing children
*Calcium+magnesium+manganese+vitamin D quadruple functionality
-Contains 210mg of Ca, 100mg of magnesium, 0.9mg of manganese, and 3ug of vitamin D.
-Contains whey calcium derived from milk + seaweed calcium derived from seaweed
*Four auxiliary ingredients: fructooligosaccharide, isolated soy protein powder, vitamin K, milk hydrolyzate powder.
*4 kinds of plant mixture extract (contains sub-ingredients): Astragalus, kohlrabi rice, Korean Angelica root, and donggulle
*Sweet banana flavor

[How to take]
Take 2 times a day, 1 packet at a time as it is or with enough water.