Gwhey Diet Meal Replacement Protein Shake (Five-Grain Latte Flavor ) 700g

Diet Meal Replacement Protein Shake
Five-Grain Latte Flavor 700g

Crispy with a crunchy-like texture that gives you a chewy texture
Hot-air glutinous rice/hot-air brown rice used as an auxiliary ingredient for carbohydrates with a savory texture
It is a weight control formula that helps with even nutritional intake.
Diet meal replacement shake

* Contains 20 kinds of vegetable mixed concentrate powder 100mg/100g
Orange carrot concentrate 51.76mg, pork potato concentrate 4.61mg, tomato puree 4.61mg, pumpkin concentrate 3.07mg,
yellow carrot concentrate 3.07mg, beetroot concentrate 2.30mg, sugar beet concentrate 2.07mg, brown carrot concentrate 1.54mg,
cucumber concentrate 0.77mg, Celery concentrate 0.46mg, leek concentrate 0.46mg, pea puree 0.38mg, onion concentrate 0.38mg,
red bell pepper concentrate 0.31mg, sweet pumpkin concentrate 0.23mg, cabbage concentrate 0.23mg, spinach concentrate 0.15mg,
lettuce concentrate 0.15mg, parsnip concentrate 0.08 mg, broccoli concentrate 0.08mg

Carbohydrate Supplementary Ingredients:
Soybean protein isolate ISP 30%
Whey Protein Concentrate WPC 20%
Stir-fried barley powder 10%
Stir-fried oat powder 1%
Roasted Black Bean Powder 1%
1% roasted black rice powder
1% roasted black sesame powder
Contains fish collagen 10mg/100g
*Contains 1300mg /100g of vitamins and minerals
*Contains 10mg/100g of 9 essential amino acids

Calcium 491mg/100g, Iron 7.9mg/100g, Vitamin A 1721ug.100g, Vitamin B1 1.9mg/100g,
Vitamin B6 5.2mg/100g, Vitamin C 631mg/100g ,Vitamin E 46mg/ 100g,
Niacin 35mg/100g, Folic Acid 3915ug /100g,zinc 10.8mg/100g

[How to take]
It is recommended once or twice a day, as a substitute for breakfast or dinner.
Add 200ml of milk and soy milk to 30g (2 spoons) at a time and shake sufficiently before consumption.
Those who want to control the weight of men and women can consume it.