[GT Sonic] Microcleaning-Home Ultrasonic Cleaner


Microcleaning-Home Ultrasonic Cleaner

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

It is a method of removing contaminants attached to the object

to be cleaned at high temperature and high pressure

by using micro bubbles generated by propagating high frequency

ultrasonic waves into water, which cannot be heard by the human ear.

It is a safe and effective cleaning method that can be used in medical

institutions beyond general homes by wiping cleanly in the invisible places.

** Use water instead of a separate solution.**

*Durable stainless 304 water tank

It is made of stainless 304 material which is used as

high-quality tableware, so it can be hygienic and durable.

Ultrasonic cleaning is 5 minutes

5 minutes is enough to clean glasses.

It is equipped with a timer function that automatically shuts off after 5 minutes,

making it more convenient and safe to use.

How to use
1.After connecting the power adapter, open the main body cover.

Fill the tank with clean water.

2. Carefully put the goods to be washed in the tank.

3.Close the product cover and press the operation button to start cleaning.

4.After cleaning, press the power button to stop operation.

(When using continuously, the power turns off automatically after about 5 minutes.)

5. Open the cover, remove the cleaned items

and rinse with running clean water.


6.After draining the water into the product tank,

wipe off the water on the tank and outside of the body with a dry cloth to dry.

(Please dispose the water in the direction of the arrow opposite the power button.)