GRN+ Pink Beginner Pocket Diet for 10 Days (1200mg x 20T) x 3Box Block carbohydrates before meals


grn+ Pink Pocket Diet (for 10 days)

1,200mg x 20caps

-Equally functional, simpler intake method
Take only 2 tablets once a day
Pink coated tablets Solve the weaknesses of tablets by improving bitter taste, reverberation and discoloration
-Easy to carry with PTP packaging
-Block carbohydrates before meals, reduce body fat (functional raw material HCA)
-Contains 12 main ingredients of vitamins & minerals including dietary functionality
Inhibits carbohydrate fat synthesis, reduces body fat HCA
Untitled toilet for heavy belly, comfortable toilet - Aloe whole leaf
Energy metabolism involving three major nutrients-biotin, vitamin B group
Need for normal immune function, essential mineral - zinc
Eyes, skin, antioxidant vitamins & minerals-vitamins A, C, selenium

[How to take]
Take once a day, 2 tablets at a time with water.