Grimeal Garcinia 1000mg x 90 T High Content HCA Diet Supplement/Carbohydrate inhibitor

Grimeal Garcinia
1000mg x 90 Tablets

Cut Carbohydrates! Easy to take 3 times a day!
-Contains Garcinia HCA, 750mg
-pantothenic acid
-Vitamin B1
- Whole aloe leaf
-Vitamin A
-Vitamin B2, B6
- Contains 12 kinds of carefully selected sub-ingredients
Psyllium skin powder, aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder, white kidney bean extract powder, mate extract powder,
L-carnitine, chitosan powder, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract powder, chicory root extract,
organic fruit mixed powder, organic vegetable mixed powder, herb mixed extract powder

-Herb mixture extract powder:
hibiscus, rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, rosehip, western dandelion
-Organic fruit mixed powder: organic lemon, organic bilberry, organic blackcurrant, organic pineapple
-Organic vegetable mixture powder: organic green tea, organic kale, organic fresh pickled radish, organic carrot, organic cabbage,
organic onion, organic broccoli, organic spinach, organic chicory curry, organic vitamin,
organic green daikon radish, organic mugwort gat, organic parsley

[How to take]
Take 1 tablet at a time, 3 times a day, with water.
It is recommended to take it before or after a meal.