[Greymelin]Mugwort Calming Gel 100ml Moist Daily Moisture Cream Non Sticky Body Elbow Care

Mugwort Calming Gel 100ml

Dryness is the beginning of trouble skin!
Sufficient hydration helps strengthen the collapsed skin barrier, calming and healthy the skin.

* Mugwort Calming Gel, which contains wormwood extract without any nutritional loss through ultrasonic extraction,
quickly soothes irritated and sensitive skin for healthy, shiny skin.

*It contains aloe vera leaf juice excellent in water supply and 8 patented soothing ingredients to keep moisture
sensitive from inside and protect sensitive skin safely.

*Tangle-filled gel type with full moisture
*Provide moisture to dry skin without stickiness with quick absorption

[How to use]

-Moist daily moisture cream
Used in the last stage after daily cleansing.
-Intensive moisture soothing care sleeping pack
Apply on the face thickly at the last step of the foundation,
then cleanse with lukewarm water in the morning.
-Non sticky body & elbow care
Daily use on the whole body, especially for dry elbows, heels, and nails.
-After care to protect your hot skin
It is stimulated by UV rays and thickly put on the heated areas to be used as a soothing pack.
-It is recommended to apply on sensitive and prone to reddening areas.