[Greymelin] Pineapple Mild Peeling Gel 100ml Keratin Waste Removal Brightening Moisturized

[Graymeline] Pineapple Mild Peeling Gel 100ml

*Keratin & waste removal

Difficulty breathing due to dead skin cells, cleaner and lighter with pineapple!
Keratin in the skin is the main cause of aging!
It contains proteolytic bromelain enzyme in pineapple extract,
so it is effective in removing old dead skin cells and sebum in the pores, and it can care for moisturized and soft skin.

A place where keratin leaves, clear skin filled with vita energy!
The apple water, which is excellent in cleaning the skin's keratin and pores,
and the Yellow 7 Complex (pumpkin, mango, banana, orange, carrot, paprika, grapefruit),
which is effective for brightening and moisturizing, exudes vitality and vitality to the remaining spot. Fill it up.

Formulation: Moisturized sherbet formulation
Spreadability: Smooth spreadability that rolls without irritation

[How to use]
-After washing, please use it without moisture.
-Spread evenly over areas where keratin care is needed.
-If wastes come out, rinse them thoroughly with lukewarm water.