[Green Store] Stress Relaxation Theanine 250 (600mg x 60 EA)

Freckle Relief Luminous Vital Cream 50g

Freckle, freckle relief cream!
Blemish whitening and elasticity care at once!
Over 120 beauty treatment brands in Korea

* Care for free radicals "Extramelt C"-Contains vitamins, minerals, and transparent skin.
* Take care of melanin
* Care for the skin's natural vitality "Phyto Clear Complex",
9 kinds of plant ingredients and herbal ingredients from the Swiss clean area provide nutrition to the pips,
improve elasticity, and maintain healthy skin.

*A stiff formulation that doesn't flow down fits on the face and cares for skin elasticity.
*After the end of the foundation (up to the moisture cream), take the spotted cream
as much as your index finger nails and apply it evenly over the entire face with blemishes.
If you feel lacking, please use it in a way that increases the amount applied.
Applying consistently in the morning and evening is better for relieving spots and freckles.