Green Propolis (Zinc + Selenium) Chewable 500mg x 60 capsules (For 1Month)

Green Propolis (Zinc + Selenium) Chewable
500mg x 60 capsules

*Oral antibacterial
*Normal immune function
*Protection of cells from harmful substances
Refreshing lemon scent that even children can eat
Chewable capsules that can be chewed without water
* Depending on the storage condition or period, the color of the capsule may become darker or softer,
but the ingredients and content do not change, so take it with confidence.
It is a premium propolis that contains 17mg of flavonoids that have antibacterial effects in Guga as propolis collected only in Brazil.
Light yellowish greenish chewable capsule
3 No additives-No added silicon dioxide, magnesium stearin, and carboxymethylcellulose
Supplementary Ingredients: Red ginseng, fruit and vegetable mixture powder,
beta-carotene vitamin mineral mix, bellflower pear extract, ginger extract

[How to take]
Once a day, chew 2 tablets once.