[Green Finger] Strong Moisturizing Ultra Lotion 260ml x 2EA

[Green Finger]
Strong Moisturizing Ultra Lotion 260ml

Strong moisturizing to protect baby's skin
A highly moisturizing lotion that adds moisture and shine to baby's skin with a highly moisturizing oil concealed in a hard natural nut.
Keep your precious baby's skin moist with Green Finger's lotion.
Since shea butter is contained, you can enjoy a longer moisturizing effect compared to the existing moist natural moisturizing lotion.
It is a product that has completed the hypoallergenic test and does not contain tar colors,
mineral oils, and parabens, so it can be used more safely.

[How to use]

After washing your face or neck, wipe off moisture. After wiping the weapon,
gently spread this product as if massaging the baby's skin.