[Green Finger] Outdoor play sun lotion 80ml/SPF30PA++ Moisturizing,Soothing multi Moisture Essence

[Green Finger]
Outdoor play sun lotion 80ml /SPF30PA++

sun protection, moisturizing, soothing multi-functional moisture essence
from 6 months of age

Moisture from nature, mild sunscreen
Natural ingredients, no worries when erasing!

[Botanical Protection Solution]
Purifies the skin and forms a protective film to protect the skin from external irritation!
-Baobab tree
Baobab tree extract lightly penetrates the skin to preserve moisture and provide nutrition!
Provides a cool soothing sensation to skin exposed to sunlight for a long time, providing irritated skin!
-Minimization of cloudiness
Naturally absorbed without clumping!
The aqua capsule formulation that applies moist and softly gives moisture every time you apply it!
-Skin irritation test completed
-Photoallergy test completed

[How to use]

Apply evenly 30 minutes before going out.
It is better if you reapply regularly.
After use, wipe with Green Finger Cleansing Water or a cleansing tissue.
After finishing clean with a bath, moisturize with soothing gel.