[Green Finger] Fresh Sun Stick 15gx 2EA SPF50+ PA ++++ 12 months+ Strongly block both UVA and UVB

Green Finger Fresh Sun Stick 15g

Green Finger Fresh Mild Sun Stick that can be applied easily without getting
it on your hands and has a soft finish without a greasy finish.
Age of use: from 12 months
* A soft type sun stick that doesn't get greasy even if you reapply it several times.
*SPA 50+ PA++++ index product to block mild inorganic ultraviolet rays for sensitive skin (strongly block both UVA and UVB)
* Botanical protection solution found in plants that protects the eye skin from external irritation
*Soft particles with rounded curves minimize skin friction, creating a feather-like light and soft barrier on the skin.
*Excellent absorption and soft finish give it a fresh look.
*Skin irritation test completed / Photoallergic test completed

[How to use]
Apply evenly 30 minutes before going out.
It is better if you reapply regularly.
After use, wipe with cleansing water or cleansing tissue.
After cleanly finishing with a bath, moisturize with soothing gel.