[Graymeline] Mugwort Moxa Pack 100g x 2EA Pore Cleaning Pack/Soothing Care/


[Graymeline] Mugwort Moxa Pack 100g 

Cleans pores and soothes with warmth!
The warmth of Injin Mugwort removes impurities and blackheads in pores, soothes irritated skin and makes skin clean.

Injin Mugwort Extract 10,000ppm

Step 1: Open pores-The more you rub, the more warmth you get and open the pores.
Step 2: Remove waste products-Cleans up waste products accumulated deep in the pores.
Step 3: Nutritional supply-Fills cleanly emptied pores with nutrients.
[Green Health Complex]
Spinach, cucumber, celery, conemint, green tea, plum, broccoli, kelp, avocado, mugwort, mugwort

The firm texture containing real mugwort gently melts into the skin, providing a warm feeling of warmth.

[Recommended for these people]
Those who care about blackheads & whiteheads
Those who are bothered with using steam towel
Those who like to use herbal cosmetics
Those who are worried about rough and loose skin texture
Those who usually enjoy steam room

[How To Use]
After cleansing, apply the contents to the dry skin, excluding eyes and mouth.
When the warmth rises, rinse with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes.
* The more you rub, the warmer you can feel the warmth.