[Graymelin] Galactocera RE-Turn PAD 135g /70Pads Reinforces Moisturizing Barrier,Removes Dead Skin

Galactocera RE-Turn PAD 135g /70Pads

-You can do peeling care without irritation.
AHA and BHA ingredients remove dead skin cells and impurities to clean up skin texture
-Toner + cotton makes skin care simple.
Moist skin care by pouring a whole bottle of toner in the pad
-It gently cares the skin texture.
Carefully cares for skin texture in the morning and wastes in the evening.
-365 days, every day without stimulation!
Free from parabens, artificial flavors, silicone, pigments, and ethanol!
Skin hypoallergenic test completed
-Double-sided pad with different front and back
Convex embossed cotton: Wipe the areas with a lot of dead skin cells and sebum from the inside out.
Smooth, silky side: Gently wipe the melted sebum to prepare the skin texture.

[How to use]
Wipe off dead skin cells with a convex embossed surface,
prepare the skin texture with a soft silky surface, and use it as a skin pack when care is needed.