[GRAYMELIN] Almond Honey Pack 100g x 2EA Exfoliation + Skin Care Soft Mud Type

2in1 Naturally Made Homemade Pack
Exfoliation + Skin care
Almond + honey + milk protein

* Almonds contain vitamin E, which moisturizes desert-like skin
and fills the skin with insufficient skin to improve skin texture.

*As well as the scrub effect, the nutritional moisturizing ingredient adds shine to the skin
to give it a smooth skin texture.

*Soft mud type with yellow powder containing almond powder

*Easy cleansing is possible because it does not dry to the end.

[How to use]
-Bundle bundle only, what if there is insufficient moisture in the skin? - Oily skin / recommended 3 or more times a week
-If keratin is exfoliated and the skin is loose?-Dry skin / twice a week recommended
-If it easily becomes sensitive to dryness?-Sensitive skin / twice a week recommended
-Want to easily care for your skin texture? -Combination skin / recommended 2-3 times a week

If you wash your face gently when washing your face, you can scrub it without irritation due to almond powder.
Keratin care is possible wherever keratin care is needed, such as elbows.