Gray Meline Fresh Cherry Blossom Cleansing Oil 400ml

Gray Meline
Fresh Cherry Blossom Cleansing Oil 400ml

* Pink Trio
Cherry Blossom Extract + Rose Oil + Flower Complex
It contains pink trio that helps vitality, makes the skin clear and transparent, and cleans makeup and waste products.
*It is a lightweight formulation that cleans up with water,
so it is fresh and moist to finish without a stuffy residue after cleansing.
*The emulsification process of hydrophilic oil similar to the skin structure dissolves not only makeup but also sebum in pores
and oil in the skin, allowing for a clean cleansing without residual sensation.
*Can be used for dry skin as well as oily and combination skin.

[How to use]

After pumping an appropriate amount of cleansing oil into the dry palm,
dissolve makeup and wastes as if massaging the entire face for about 30 seconds,
apply a little water and massage once more, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.