[Gray Meline] Cornflower Peel Off Pack 100ml Exfoliation Waste Removal Skin Soothing


Gray Meline Cornflower Peel Off Pack 100ml

Exfoliation, waste removal, skin soothing
* 4 soothing patented ingredients for tired skin
Borage Flower, Chamomile Flower, Lavender Flower-Protects tired skin with patented ingredients that contain soothing effects
and cares for a healthy and firm skin texture.
-With its strong adsorption power, it is possible to cleanly care for various waste products,
old dead skin cells, dust, and blackheads.

*5 oil recipes that leave you feeling smooth
Peppermint oil: soothes skin, relieves troubles
Rosemary leaf oil: sebum care, trouble relief
Lavender oil: trouble relief
Orange peel oil: skin soothing, skin conditioning
Chamomile flower oil: skin shine, skin soothing.
-Removes impurities without worrying about irritation with a soft peel-off that falls at once for soft skin.

* Moist gel texture full of cornflower flowers.
Soft application that rolls without irritation

[If any one is checked, cornflower peel off pack is recommended!]
-Those who want to remove skin ugliness
-People who have sensitive skin and have trouble with peeling
-Those whose makeup is open and cracked
-Those whose skin is shiny due to excessive sebum secretion
-Those with rough and rough skin

[How to use]
Please use in dry condition.
Apply evenly over the entire face, except around the eyes and mouth.
After 20-30 minutes, remove the pack when it is completely dry.
*If it is applied too thick, it may take a long time to dry, so apply evenly and thinly.