Teazen Kombucha-Lemon (5g x 10EA) x3Box 12 types of lactic acid bacteria prebiotics

Kombucha-Lemon 50g
(5g x 10EA)

Kombucha is freeze-dried with kombucha liquid as it is, and contains lactic acid bacteria.
A healthy fermented drink that contains 12 types of lactic acid bacteria
and prebiotics that feed on lactic acid bacteria.

German organic kombucha powder + prebiotics + 12 lactic acid bacteria + sweet and sour lemon

* What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a health drink made by extracting green tea
or black tea and fermenting it.

-0g sugar, lightly without worrying about calories!
-Zero alcohol, sweet and sour taste of lemon juice.
-Light and easy with powder stick type
It is easy to carry and dissolves well in cold water,
so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

[Drink at this time!]

-When exercising
-When you want to be healthy
-When you want to replenish moisture deliciously
-Lazy afternoon, when you are tired
-When carbonated drinks are charged
-When you want to eat chicken instead of beer

[How to drink]

-Put 1 kombucha stick in 250ml~500ml of water and shake or stir well.
TIP: The colder the water, the better the sparkling feeling.
-Put 1 kombucha stick in 250ml of ice water and shake or stir well.